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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Paneye - Remote Summer Clouds 2014 (remastered)

I have included a few different download links because my album keeps getting deleted for copyright infringement:

Drop Box: Download Here

You share: Download Here


1. Dimensions
2. Living And Gone
3. I Was The One
4. A Slender Loneliness
5. Moon Boy
6. Before
7. Shadowy Joy
8. Whirlpool Girl
9. Excess Of Tenderness
10. Into The Gray
11. At The End Of A Dream
12. World Of Infinity
13. Neon Angst
14. Wayward
15. Inwardness
16. There Is Another Happiness
17. Awakened To Her Dark Outlines
18. A Marriage Of Caves
19. Under Lakes
20. Leading To All The Living Things
21. Sleep In Parks
22. Sometimes Life
23. Corridors
24. Gray Eyes
25. Remote Summer Clouds
26. Melancholia Is A Tool To Weave Sad Little Spider Webs
27. Walking Home From The Airport

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